Another Nexus device

11:50 PM, 14 June 2014 » android, linux, portable

About 2 years ago (~ august or~ september) I bought Nexus 7 (2012 ofc). It was great device but, well, I’m a little clumsy.


Unfortunately screen and touch panel were destroyed. Prices were so high it wouldn’t pay off. I forgot about it and came back to old, bad desire z.

I spent last 2 weeks searching for something mobile, which can replace my laptop (too big to just carry around everywhere). Netbooks are kinda dead, no new models, high prices, same atoms they had 1-2 years ago. Ultrabooks too expensive. I had to make the final decision, grab something without physical keyboard. This was hard for me, cause I’m not a fan of touch screens- they are really good on small, few inch devices- on larger ones they suck.

My options once again decreased. Then I saw x86 tablets. That was it. I could install arch on it without any problems (in theory). But I had to be sure, being left without any unix with just wincrap was scary. Once again companies disappointed me. On newer ones you can’t even try to boot linux, on older 32bit tablet atoms it is somehow possible, but people have been complaining about it.

I was left with last option, android tablet. Since I had Nexus7 (2012) I was looking forward for newer one.

In “new” Nexus 7 everything is ok except power and volume buttons, they will quickly wear off. There is no free space between screen and motherboard, which is great improvement, clicking noices when pressing left part of device in old nexus 7 made me mad.

There isn’t much to say, great device in this price, 32GB are acceptable for me, cause I store music on X3.

In next weeks I’m gonna try boot arch natively, they made it on old nexus, so I think it is possible on “new” one.