Hard-bricked Desire Z

11:21 PM, 28 May 2014 » htc, phones

Just few hours ago I remembered about x3 sofware review. Picked up my smartphone (I hate that word) and opened default camera app.(*) Android can’t find sd card, I’m used to such errors on this shitty operating system, reboot, and now it’s completly dead.

Tried tricky stuff with battery,(**) even rechecked with different mini usb cable, no responce whatsoever. Can’t boot into recovery, no vibrations, no flashing leds. I don’t know other methods, so my adventure with desire z (and probably android) has ended. The end. RIP vision - ~2011-2014

Switching back to dumbphones for now, and waiting for somewhat usable, open, fast and including only basic options os. (official, stable and easy to install)

(*) - I stopped using google apps long time ago, it just annoys me, hence I used only default apps.

(**) - Recently, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago I bought new battery for desire, (no, new one isn’t at fault) unfortunately it was waste of the money.

EDIT: Well, it might have happend because of battery.