Some fancy upgrades

11:24 PM, 27 May 2014 » music-player, sites

Since yesterday I was reconfiguring templates, just finished. I chose Lumen from Bootswatch, cause it looks kinda light and nice, comparing to roshlessdotcom which is really dark.

In next days I’ll write some more, maybe software review of my new, long awaited mp3 player, fiio x3, which has crappiest software I’ve ever seen. Before I bought the player I didn’t find much negative reviews because of it’s price- about 200$. A lot of people propably think “it’s okay cause it’s cheap.”, no, it is'nt.

Bueh, I’ve been using restructured text on main webpage, now im trying out markdown, and it might be better imo.

Pygments random test:

 print "Hello, World!"