I am back

03:30 AM, 05 October 2014 » sites

To be precise, static site generator is back. I’m still really bad at python and small mynt update from v0.2.x to v0.3.x made my life harder again. Welp, it’s all nice and running now. (hehe, static and “running” )

You will probably see more in next weeks/months.

And some random news, Fiio released X1, cheapest high end dap possible. Haven’t try it, cause again, nobody in my area needs it, but I assume it works great for it’s price.

New animu season, finally Psycho Pass sequel. Yey. I hope it won’t dissapoint me. Aside from that, Fate StayNight remake (other route from vn/novel), the rest is nothing special but I’m hoping something will surprise me.

Bueh, gotta go sleep.