Software review of X3 mp3 (outdated!)

02:30 PM, 31 May 2014 » fiio, mp3 player, music, portable, x3

EDIT: Fiio relased FW3.0 update which makes X3 much faster. Good job Fiio.

Everything below is now officially bullshiet.

EDIT2: Random crashes occur more often than on 2.1, that’s really annoying.

First and most important thing, this is a review of software only, music quality is great but I suck at describing music, that’s why I won’t even try.

Fiio X3 is a great player for about 200$, in my opinion it’s the only choise for people not wishing to spend too much money on portable player

The biggest problem of this player is it’s software which feels sluggish and works slow. I don’t know if thats because of hardware limits or just programmers incapacity.

Software works kind of acceptable when you turn off cover images, but I personally enjoy watching covers. Furthermore sometimes the player could just crash and reboot. You might think it’s because covers are too big and weighs too much. I thought about that too. After some research I found official Fiio responce to it. They recommend to resize covers to maximum 1000px x 1000px. That helped in some way, player don’t crash at all (except for random crashes, but that is really unlikely) but covers are still loading pretty long.

This is'nt only problem. Another one is that player lacks playlist support. There is category function to list music by artist or album but for me, someone who had about 3 playlists with tottally different music genres, no full albums at all and every file located in other folder, this was biggest problem and the solution to it recommended by Fiio is hilarious. They told people to store music in different directores, and using file browser to emulate the playlists. I gone mad.

This isn’t the end, but rest of problems aren’t that big of issues. Maximum speed of scrolling through directory is extremlly slow and it takes me about 1 minute to search for artist name begining with g or h.

The english translation is simply bad. The mistakes their translators made are kids mistakes. Fortunately there is way to translate it by yourself so it’s not a big issue. I really like their update method, it’s easy and fast, shame the actual software isn’t that good. There is even way to make themes by yourself or just download them from head-fi or elsewhere.

Player can feel a little warm after about hour of using, but it won’t reach hot temperature, It will just stay warm.

This isn’t software related but who cares, battery capacity. It’s just great. Over 3000mAh, I can listen everyday for about half or 1 hour and it takes more than 2 weeks to discharge.

Fiio made great product, it it’s software was better I would recommend it everyone looking for high quality and cheap player.

Some time ago Fiio relased X5, which is so expensive in my currency I won’t be able to get one in next few years. Until then I hope my X3 won’t dissapoint me.

tl;dr - software is laggy, if you can bear with it buy it, if not just don’t

Thanks for reading.