Gamemaker engine games on Arch Linux

It might or might not be distro depended, who knows.

If you are using nvidia gpu with proprietary driver, this probably doesn’t affect you. I also don’t know about intel gpu users. Both amdgpu and radeon drivers are affected.

When you try to start a game made in “some version” of GameMaker (I tried 2 recently not starting games- Haque, Nuclear Throne) it simply crashes with coredump blaming the driver. If you got here I guess you know that already. Just add

R600_DEBUG=mono %command%

to game’s launch options in steam and you are all set.

Also about GameMaker games, if you are using ds4drv for emulating xbox controller with dualshock4, you might need to change the order of gamepads in /dev/input/jsX, X being a number. It always works for me when the emulated xbox is js0, you can remove the rest or rename, it doesn’t matter.